The Real Cost To Humanity If We Fully Transitioned Away From Oil & Gas

Is It Possible To Save The World From Climate Change With The Current Plan To Transition Away From Oil & Gas?

With fossil fuels taking part in every aspect of our daily modern lives, what would it take for us to completely transition into energizing our society with alternative forms of renewable energy generation through technology such as solar, hydroelectric, or wind power?

Experienced Petroleum Reservoir Engineer, Kurt Mire, examines factual, scientifically published peer-reviewed data to illuminate a different perspective that shows how difficult that transition would feel to the average person on a worldwide scale.

His solution explores a future that not only continues fossil fuel production, but increases production in order to meet upcoming global energy demands by exploring emerging technologies arising in the efficient, safer, and less toxic methods to increase productivity from the upstream to the downstream petroleum production process.

With advances in artificial intelligence, blockchain, horizontal drilling, geological reservoir exploration & extraction technologies, it isn’t impossible to envision a future that strengthens US energy independence to meet a higher energy demand that will be using optimized process technology-enhanced systems to ensure everyone avoids an energy shortage like the one we are beginning to see right now in a way that produces the least amount of damage to our environment and greatly reduces negative impacts on the environment from greenhouse gas emissions.

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