Oil and Gas vs Green?

What do you think of when someone says “oil and gas”? Gasoline at the gas pump? Makes sense, but do you know these two commodities play an enormous role in our everyday lives? Every industry such as aeronautical, agriculture, automotive, communications, construction, medical, pharmaceutical, etc. uses oil and gas to manufacture its products. Next time you reach for your cell phone, remember the
phone is made with petroleum by-products.

If we were to eliminate oil and gas and go green, which many are proposing, our world as we live in today would cease to exist. Ideas being thrown around by environmentalists and other anti-oil and gas proponents are solar, wind turbines, and e-cars, to name a few. However, there are consequences to making the switch.

In the last several months, both California and Denver, Colorado, residents were hit with a reality check. Both areas were told to turn up their A/C thermostats to 80+ degrees due to the power grid overloading. What’s more, California residents were advised not to charge their electric cars for the same reason. Many folks can tolerate heat; however, if you cannot drive your car, how do you go to work, take your children to school, or visit a sick relative? Not sure about you, but when I want to go somewhere I want to get in my car and go. I do not want to worry about a charging station or a downed electrical grid. It’s also important to consider the cost of the vehicle, insurance, and installation of a charging station in your garage. Most houses were not and are not designed for a charging station.

Solar and wind turbines sound good in theory, what happens when the sun doesn’t shine, or the wind doesn’t blow for days at a time? Very cold nights could mean no internet or TV, and no hot water. All appliances like washing machines and the stove will be rendered inoperable. Currently, homes are powered by natural gas to keep you warm and produce hot water for showers.

E-cars and hybrid cars – Are they here to stay or are they simply a fad? Interesting question. Let me give you some food for though, call it an example of what you do not want to happen and would not happen if you have an engine powered by gas. Recently my neighbor called frantically asking if I had a hybrid car and my response was “No.” Her daughter and two-year old twins were trying to leave her house when her daughter’s hybrid car could not be accessed because of a dead battery. In order to open the car doors, the battery must be operational, which made this an even more challenging experience for this young family. To make a long story short, the son-in-law had to make a trip to remove the battery from the trunk and take it to be charged. After many hours and cranky toddlers, he was able to install the battery back in and they were able to go home. Now how would this scenario have played out if they were out of town and the son-in-law was not with them?

Oil and gas are here to stay due to convenience and reliability. Unfortunately, we may have to endure high prices at the pump until the current administration is willing to move the US to oil and gas independence. There are more than enough reserves to supply our lifestyles. The moratorium must be removed from drilling and producing permits. Also, our strategic reserves need to be restored. It is not the responsibility of a foreign entity to provide us with oil and gas.

Next time we will explore oil and gas in another industry.

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