A Fracking Ban Would Be A Climate Catastrophe

Search the term ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ and you’ll see the results championing all types of renewable ‘green’ energy. Despite the fact that our entire energy infrastructure revolves around oil and gas, everyone has decided to do surface-level research on our energy economy and risk a dangerous crisis in our country.

Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuels, and The Truth About Environmental Health.

The popular mainstream opinion about the oil and gas industry these days is all negative. Fossil fuels, and especially fracking, are the absolute devil’s goo that will kill us all if we do not stop drilling ASAP. The reality is far more complicated since not all fossil fuels are created equal.

Try telling the high profile media outlets that a scientist studied the effects of fracking and determined that it actually reduces the environmental impact of oil and gas production by increasing the productivity of each well. Current trends show air quality has greatly improved using reliable fossil fuel energy.

That should come as a surprise to no one who has done their a little research. Renewable energy is very inefficient and generates lots of pollutants during the production process. Just because no greenhouse gasses are emitted during operation doesn’t mean it’s the miracle cure for the environment.

There is only one sensible solution when presented with the facts. Continue to push technological innovations for all petroleum processes from top to bottom.

Yet When Presenting the True, Scientific Facts, All We Get Is… Silence

If these technological transformations can yield a reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions of up to 12 gigatonnes (GT) by 2040 while strengthening our local economy, why would you choose an alternative that will cause an economic catastrophe?

Is A Nationwide Ban On Fracking Coming Soon?

Unsurprisingly, the current administration is choosing to go with the crowd instead of doing what is right. I can’t imagine a worst way to sabotage the prosperity of your own nation than ending its energy independence by banning the innovation that removed the immense national security risk of our foreign oil dependence.

Yet, the administration continues to invest in technology that isn’t even a real option. Biden’s new ‘green’ energy plan outlines a $2 trillion accelerated investment plan for hydrogen fuel cells. This technology hasn’t even been proven to work, with former anti-fossil fuel advocate Tesla CEO Elon Musk calling them “staggeringly dumb”.

All we can do now is continue to innovate within the oil & gas industry so that fracking may continue to provide the energy we need, with or without the government’s help.

Title Picture Credit To Markus Spiske

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