Your Smart Phone Does More Harm To The Planet Than Fracking.

Instead of buying that shiny, new smart phone in order to share that anti-fracking article, climate “activists” should look in the mirror to see what’s really causing environmental harm.

Electronic Waste Is Causing An Environmental Catastrophe Much Worse Than Fracking.

When you get the new iPhone (or solar panel) , where do you think that ends up?

We’ve all seen those ‘e-waste’ recycling kiosks at the entrances of Wall-Mart, so they clearly go to an American recycling facility right?


If climate activists did a little research, they would see that their waste isn’t getting recycled at all.

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Millions of tonnes of electronic waste ends up in Africa and Asia, legally and illegally. Greenpeace/BAN

That’s right, all of those metals you thought were getting recycled are actually just being dumped across the African landscape, poisoning the water and food supplies of millions of individuals.

The clouds of plastic-reeking fumes filling the air with dioxin, while bromide, arsenic, lead, mercury, and other runoff spills into the water, wiping out all the fish, making the water impossible to drink.

The video below was taken almost 10 years ago, and the problem has only gotten worse from there.

We’ve all seen the apocalyptic movies, chilling PSA commercials, and the continuous spike in global temperatures.

Next time you see a climate activist protesting the oil & gas industry with their shiny new iPhone, show them this video.

This is a form of colonialism that isn’t about the environment but rather the hypocrisy of entitled first world “activists” that don’t consider the ramification of their actions.

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