Renewable Solar Energy Causes More Toxic Pollution Than You Think.

The Real Inconvenient Truth: How Current Green Solar Technology Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be.

We’ve all seen the apocalyptic movies, chilling PSA commercials, and the continuous spike in global temperatures.

But what are some of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to passing the guilty verdict on what to blame?

  • Oil & Gas Drilling?
  • Coal Mining?
  • Fracking?
  • Nuclear Waste?

Sure, all of these things could result in a negative outcome when the proper procedures aren’t followed or if outdated technology is used.

One could even say that every energy source on that list has environmental ramifications to their own degree.

But why do the majority of climate change activists never talk about the abysmal horror of pollutants caused by solar energy panels?

If you thought fracking was bad, wait until you see how ‘green’ solar panels poison our air and water supply.

When you think of solar panels you think of ‘green’ energy, clean, renewable, but where do you think those panels go when they reach their lifetime use?

Surely they get recycled since they have valuable metals inside them right?


See when they started making these they didn’t think about the toxic pollution it would cause, they were hoping to begin new energy sources other than oil & gas because in theory solar panels use Photovoltaic panels that last about 30 years, so it wasn’t like they were in a rush to find out.

Solar panels have been around for awhile, with Jimmy Carter installing one on the White House roof during his presidency, so what happened?

China happened.

Their explosion of manufacturing led to a surge of low quality solar panels being produced cheaply and in mass for profit getting shipped all over the world.

These solar panels in question have large amounts of lead, copper and zinc, which are extremely harmful to the environment when tossed into a landfill.

Since people thought it was better than oil & gas, they bought into it, and china made a killing. Now the truth is coming out about their low quality standards in the panels’ manufacturing process.

These panels have already begun causing a huge environmental crisis in Australia.

I know what you’re thinking, can’t we just recycle them?

It’s A Bird…No, It’s A Plane…Wait, It’s A Photovoltaic Death Ray?

Let’s go ahead and disregard the environmental toxicity that is being ignored when the facts of solar energy are presented, let’s talk about what happens when a technology is put in place with a disregard to it’s long term effects.

The Ivanpah solar plant was a massive undertaking in the mojave dessert, the largest solar production system in the world at the time, with special notes being taken as this was the only one of it’s time, and they were not aware of the long term consequences.

Not only did this cause questionable responses from scientists already concerned from the toxic chemicals used to operate the plant, but upon a few months of operation they could already see that they had accidentally created a death ray from the thousands of solar panels pointing towards the thermal tower.

This beam of energy has caused pilots to reroute their flights out of fears that it could flip the plane and it has caused a countless number of birds to explode when crossing the beams, something the company anticipated by offering $1.8 million (£1m) in compensation for anticipated bird deaths when the site finished construction. 

While this has nothing to do with environmental pollution directly, it must still be taken into account considering all of the variables within the situation.

After all, the fossil fuel market is still very much operational at this point, which makes the pricing less competitive, which factors into how much pollutants are directly and indirectly responsible from utilizing solar energy from its theoretical transition after oil & gas.

It would be simple if we were cavemen looking for an energy source from scratch, but that isn’t the case, the transitional costs and lifetime cycle must be taken into account.

Especially if we don’t have a recycling system in place, and there are already thousands of these panels and power plants sprouting up all over the USA.

If Solar Energy Isn’t The Answer, What Is?

Clearly the oil & gas industry is a cause of pollutants as well, but that isn’t to say we should abandon an entire energy source when we could develop technology that makes it cleaner.

Those ‘climate activists’ you see on TV don’t actually care about the environment, they care about making a stand and looking cool on social media.

If you want to start reducing harm to our planet, i’d start with cutting back on beef consumption, and help foster further clean energy innovations.

Stop demonizing an entire industry that contains a large portion of the United States’ economic backbone, an industry that cannot afford to disappear overnight.

Families rely on those jobs to feed their children.

The byproducts of fracking provide inexpensive heating for low income households across all 50 states, transported there by freight vehicles powered by gasoline.

If we’re going to solve the issue of climate change, we must take serious action and analyze facts from both sides of the argument, then prepare a reasonable plan that places the proper amount of resources into an economic environment that promotes clean energy innovations within the oil & gas industry.

This way we could use the money generated from the economic additive to help our biosphere instead of killing it by destroying the entire energy infrastructure overnight.

Or perhaps climate activists only care about pollution within their own borders, since I’ve heard a lot more negativity towards fracking then objection towards their companies dumping toxic metals that are poisoning food supplies on the Asian Continent and causing the residents to experience multiple organ failures.

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