Oil and Gas Vet Launches Social Media Movement Against Climate “Fascists”

April 7, 2020

How The Climate Change Narrative Follows Politics And Not Science

To say Gilles Bourgeois is a man on a mission might be a cliché; it would also be the truth.

Bourgeois, a 57-year-old semi-retired petrophysicist and self-described “doctor of wells and reservoirs” for the oil and gas industry, uses the power of social media – particularly LinkedIn and Twitter – to argue against what he considers widespread “lies” about climate change. 

“Climate change science violates the laws of thermodynamics. The premise of a greenhouse effect, it doesn’t exist, at least not the way it’s programmed into (climate) models,” claimed Bourgeois, a Canadian-born oil industry veteran who’s lived in Italy for the last four years following decades in the business, having worked for Shell, Maersk and OMV amongst others.

History Repeats Itself When Oppressing Thought

Since moving to Italy, he’s been unemployed. That’s meant more time on his hands and greater opportunities to study and learn about moments in history when fascist and Marxist philosophies as well as collectivism have negatively impacted human behavior, in particular, how German Nazis were able to influence popular opinion against Jews, resulting in the Holocaust. 

He argues the same thing is happening, at least in terms of collective thought, within the narrative of global warming. When referring to climate change, however, people aren’t killing one another, of course. Instead, he believes the movement’s aim is to “stop all (oil and gas production) to make everybody totally dependent on the government which has total control over everything.”

To Bourgeois’ mind, this is simply savagery of another kind.

“I’ve always had an interest in how these horrible things can take place in humans, and what we’re experiencing now, with the climate change narrative, is a repeat of history,” he said. 

Bourgeois said this historical repeat is happening not only in politics and the media, where he said global warming is largely accepted as fact with the blame being put squarely on humans’ shoulders, but in college classrooms, as well. He believes many university professors are “strongly left,” politically speaking, and oftentimes will punish students whose views don’t align with their own.

“If you don’t follow what they think, they will intellectually abuse their students,” he said. “In universities, the humanities majors are the most vulnerable to intellectual corruptions, but it’s moving into the sciences, too.”

He continued. “We are dealing with a horde of people who think that what they believe is right and what others are doing is wrong.”

This, Bourgeois said, is a major problem for students who believe in limited government, capitalism, and the innate rights of human beings – namely life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

How To Use Social Media To Have Your Voice Heard And Fight Back

This is where his social media mission comes in. “We have the luxury of spreading the truth so we can defeat the lies. I want to make use of that luxury,” he said.

To that end, he often posts scientific counter information to what he believes is widespread and false climate change science, which he calls misleading at best.

As expected, he’s come up against detractors, but he said he’s not overly concerned.

“It’s a huge horde of mostly really awful, dumb people. I’m meeting the die-hard communists head on, and it’s pretty clear what the agenda is,” he said, referencing governmental control over individuals and the destruction of the free market.

Nevertheless, he persists, racking up approximately 5,500 Twitter followers. He said he’s making progress and said many people are receptive to what he has to say. Either way, he’ll push on.

“I’m making purpose in my life to try to defend those ideals of limited government and the protection of rights, which is the real purpose of government and relevant to every country in the world,” Bourgeois said. “I’m going to devote the rest of my life to it.”

Gilles Bourgeois is a 57-year-old semi-retired petrophysicist for the oil and gas industry who dedicates his time to fighting the myths and popular rhetoric surrounding climate change.

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