Investing 2023

Money, money, money! Who doesn’t like money especially in these volatile times. With inflation and/or the recession, prices are going up or down, but not exactly in the direction you want on the items you want.

However, if you have extra cash lying around under your mattress perhaps you may want to consider investing in energy stocks. Earlier this month the fifth richest man in the world, Warren Buffett, bought almost 5.8 million shares of OXY stock valued at more than $350 million after meeting with the CEO of OXY, Vicki Hollub. He now owns 22% of the company with more than 200 million shares valued at $12.2 billion as of March 7th.

Other energy company stocks such as Chevron, Exxon Mobil and Shell Oil have been listed as buy now stocks on multiple investing websites such as Forbes and Yahoo Finance. These are not necessarily the cheapest stocks but have proven track records. A fewer smaller companies with cheaper stock prices are also listed; however, I could not find any that made multiple listings.

Currently oil and gas prices are on the low side, but by the end of the year there may be a supply shortage which could lead to higher prices. Higher prices lead to higher earnings for companies. Companies often pass on these to shareholders by way of higher dividend checks and sometimes stock-buyback programs.

I am not advocating for the stocks listed above and personally do not own any individual shares of these stocks. When investing or purchasing stocks do your due diligence or just hire a financial advisor and leave the headaches for someone else.

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