California vs Texas

Two great states in their own right, but that is where their similarities end. These two states are total opposites.

California prides itself on being environmentally friendly, a green state, and a not in my backyard mentality. Sorry it is what it is. Over half a million EVs are registered in the state of California; however, the total number of vehicles registered are over 17.7 million and the majority of vehicles are powered by gasoline which brings up a very interesting question. Where does the oil come from to make gasoline? California has producing oil wells; however, more cities such as Los Angeles are banning new oil wells and phasing out existing ones. This brings us back to my question. Afterall, all these vehicles need fuel to operate. Many places come to mind when I think of oil production, but the Amazon rainforest located in Ecuador was not one of them. Yes, the supposedly protected rainforest; one of the most biodiverse places in the world and home to indigenous groups that live in isolation. Ecuador is heavily in debt and needs revenue, so this is their way of producing it. Actually, half of all the crude exported from the Amazon goes to the state of California to be processed. One in every nine tanks of fuel pumped in California comes from the Amazon

Texas is a large oil and gas producing state with the attitude, ‘Everything is bigger in Texas.’. This statement holds true regarding the oil and gas taxes, and the state royalties; $24.7 billion was collected in 2022. This was a 54% increase from what was collected in 2019. This increase can be contributed to high energy prices and demand. These monies fund schools including universities, and county governments in the state of Texas. Also, over 400,000 Texans are employed within the oil and gas industry with average earnings of $115,300 per person per year. Jobs indirectly created by the industry are 2 to 1. The Texas oil and natural gas industry also provides for our nation’s energy needs. Only time will tell if policies at the state or federal level will threaten the energy industry in Texas.

Two different states with two different philosophies. One is providing fossil fuels for their citizens while trying to help other American citizens; whereas, the other is jeopardizing another countries people and rainforest for personal gain. Which state would you prefer to call home?

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