Are You Anti-Fracking? So Was Joe Biden Before He Knew The Facts.

By now you’ve probably seen the last presidential debate, where a significant amount of time was spent speaking about the energy industry.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this video isn’t to get political or showcase support for one candidate or the other, both candidates have their downsides just like in every other political election since the agricultural revolution.

Keeping that in mind, we here at Vive La Frack are committed to preserving US energy independence, something that would not have happened unless hydraulic fracking came into production.

We went from maintaining dozens of armed conflicts in the middle east to retain our interest within the massive petroleum deposits in the region, to the number one producer of oil in the world, and 63% of that comes from fracking.

In the debates, we saw Biden take an interesting stance on oil & gas, since only a short time ago he stated his desire to ‘phase out and eliminate’ fossil fuels.

Now he is saying that he never said that, but still during the debate he sang the praises of ‘the fastest growing industry in the US’ that carry high paying jobs.

There is no denying that there is an element of truth to the nature of energy sources that produce zero carbon emissions, it simply is not true when you look at all of the facts about the nature of the technology.

But could this be a byproduct of government interference in the market? After all, renewables were receiving 94 times more in U.S. subsidies than nuclear and 46 times more than fossil fuels in 2016, per unit of energy generated.

If the government is going to cut off all of the subsidies it gave to the oil & gas sector, then it needs to come up with a more efficient plan for the transition, because as it stands there is no plan to replace an entire energy infrastructure with one based on renewables. The numbers just don’t add up.

Biden says that Trumps assessment of renewable energy tech ‘not being quite there yet’ to be false. But solar energy has been around since the 1800s, with proposals to build a giant solar farm already going back as early as 1833.

If the technology for renewable energy has been around for that long, why hasn’t it saved us already? Why didn’t it prevent climate change?

It can’t.

When the facts are there, you can’t deny it, it does not have the technological prowess to transition our entire economy to one with just solar and wind.

Why go through all that trouble when you can innovate technology within the oil & gas industry to reduce carbon emissions and pollutants? Because environmental climate change isn’t just about carbon emissions.

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, and developments within the upstream and downstream sectors can reduce harm, far easier and cost efficiently than transitioning to renewables.

The comparison to coal and oil & gas just is not true, one is far worse than the other, and if there is an innovative new way to gain renewable energy through it, than we’re all ears.

Till that day we will continue to advocate for common sense, and the livelihood of thousands of people in the oil & gas industry that need to feed their families.

Climate change is very real, but that doesn’t mean renewables are the answer.

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