3 Brief, Yet Crucial Oil And Gas Investment Tips You Need To Know Before Starting Your Next Project

This Two Minute Video Could Be The Difference Between The Success And Failure Of Your Next Oil And Gas Project

Principle Engineer at Mire Petroleum Consultants (Kurt Mire) uses his 35+ years of experience in various international oil & gas projects to give us 3 brief, yet important oil & gas investment tips for anyone looking to finance their next prospect.

What Are The 3 Quickest And Most Useful Oil And Gas Investment Tips

1. Project Must Be Technically Sound:

All of the projects technical specifications must make financial sense when looking at the reserve estimate and size of the discovery.

Will the project be profitable when analyzing the petroleum engineering data?

2. Good Deal Terms:

The negotiations of the contract deal must be proportionate to the percentage of the investment that you are receiving.

If you are financing 10% of the project, will you get 10% of the profits or is it something lower?

Is there a large fee for entry into the project?

Does the operator keep a large overriding royalty interest on the lease?

Every deal is different, so really examine the contract to make sure it makes sense with the right numbers.

3. Honest & Competent:

Take big precautions and do your research to make sure the operator and/or promoter are honest and competent.

Do they have a good record of delivering their project as they’re presenting it?

Talk to other industry professionals that are familiar with their operations and get a reference.

If you need a reliable and precise reserves report or a prospect drilling evaluation, make sure to check out the engineering team at www.mirepetroleumconsultants.com

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