Conventional & Unconventional Reserve Estimates

Our engineering specialists are experts in helping clients to determine reserve estimates for both conventional and unconventional resources. Since both of these reservoirs carry very different methods of extraction, we assist in determining which processes should be utilized in the production system for each of the reserves.

What Are The Differences Between Conventional & Unconventional Reserves?

Conventional Reserves:

These are the traditional formations that have resources which can be extracted within normal or ‘conventional’ methods that have been around for decades. These resources can be pulled out by using standard vertical wells and since there is no specialized technology these are more inexpensive to produce.

Unconventional Reserves:

These resources are from formations with very low levels of porosity and permeability, which are more complex to extract for profit. Modern, innovative technologies must be utilized to perform hydraulic fracturing within a horizontal well to generate enough pressure to create cracks for the oil to travel through. These carry a higher risk, meaning that the economic projections carry more variables that fluctuate the probability of profit within the project.

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