PHDWin to Aries Database Conversions

Evaluate The Complex Economic Modeling Of Your Projects With PHDWin And Aries Conversions

Petroleum engineers will inevitably come across the issue of having different database formats within their economic modeling software platforms. This can cause a major stalling within various projects due to the varying differences across oil and gas industry software.

Why should you have to stress about something as simple as database formats?

Well it isn’t as simple as it seems, the two most common economic project modeling software in the industry (PHDWin and Aries) have very different information architectures when it comes to how they organize the data of each well cases within oil and gas projects.

Because of this we help petroleum engineers to convert their databases back and forth between PHDWin and Aries so they can focus on the project itself instead of wasting time on something like technical data format issues.

What Are The Differences Between PHDWin And Aries?

Besides a few minor technical abilities within probabilistic economic modeling, for the most part both of the petroleum software applications can achieve the same goals for your engineering teams. The analytical aspects of statistical capabilities within both platforms are also similar, which means that if you are looking at which one to use for your oil and gas company you could chose either one and achieve almost the same results.

A lot of it comes down to personal preference, much like the differences between most software applications that fall under the same use categories.

Below are the links to both of the respective software developers so you can view the specific differences if you need to know whether one supports a certain feature that the other does not.

Don’t Lose Valuable Time When Dealing With Oil And Gas Software Database Conversions