Project Economics

Oil & Gas Project Economic Modeling Evaluation

We specialize in helping our clients evaluate the economic possibilities within a project or potential investment by creating big data driven net cash flow models that utilize all of the data available to consider how much money will be returned to your pockets.

Oil & Gas Project Economic Risk And Decision Analysis

Our Engineers use probability and statistics within the project economic evaluation to give a percentage of success within the return on investment within the field. This allows us to give our clients a clear indicator of what they need to complete to accomplish their business goals.

Key Economic Indicators and Valuation Measures

Net Present Value Concept Discount Factor

Net Present Value

Internal Rate of Return

Payback Period

Profit/Investment Ratio

Comparison of Economic Indicators and their Use in Decision Making

Sensitivity Analysis – Review Effect of Economic inputs, Project Inputs and Schedule

Economic Considerations for New Project Trends – Marginal Field Developments, Unconventional Oil and Gas and Ultra Deep Projects

What Will Be The Estimated Profit To Calculate The Real Return On Your Oil & Gas Investment Project?