Deal Screening

Oil And Gas Asset Transaction Evaluations

Have you been involved in an oil and gas investment deal that went horribly wrong for your petroleum company because the negotiation terms or property asset was not what you thought it was when you agreed to the transaction?

Our team of oil and gas deal screening analysts review all of the factors within your opportunity and help you negotiate the best possible outcome within the contracts.

Don’t get stuck with a bad oil and gas investment because there wasn’t a thorough evaluation of your potential asset acquisition.

We have helped dozens of clients get the best terms within their working or operating interest and royalty percentages. Whatever the scenario may be, our petroleum consulting team uses the 35+ years of experience at their disposal so that our expertise translates into a better return on investment for your oil and gas company or investment firm.

Let Us Analyze Your Oil And Gas Project Or Investment Deals For A Maximum Benefit In Your Favor.