Acquisition Evaluations

Independent Oil And Gas Acquisition Evaluation Reports

Our oil and gas acquisition evaluation services are a fully independent assessment of your corporations acquisition project in order to analyze its viability and estimated return on investment.

Using a combination of methods involving reserves estimation, project economics, and prospect risk analysis, the team at Mire Petroleum Consultants puts together a comprehensive yet easily understood report that gives your organization a ranking on the probability of the projects success so that your stakeholders are always informed on which assets to obtain within your company’s portfolio.

How Can Acquisition Reports Help You With Your Property Evaluation?

We’ve helped multiple oil and gas companies with evaluating their acquisitions to verify the information they’ve used when acquiring the property assets. We have saved these petroleum industry firms from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars by providing the most accurate economic project analysis possible, all at the best prices in the industry.

Below are some brief examples of previous projects that we have assisted in:

Powder River Basin Project

Yates Petroleum

Evaluated reserves and value for over 400,000 acres of producing and undrilled acreage with multiple pay zones.

Mississippi Statewide Project

Compass Resources

Six (6) Field evaluation – reserves and economics, Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, Austin Chalk, Wilcox & Frio Reservoirs.

Gulf Of Mexico Project

Eagle Eye Energy Partners

Reserves and economic evaluation of a mature deepwater field, specifically Jolliet Field (GC184)

Let’s Evaluate Your Oil & Gas Property Acquisition For A True Asset Analysis Of The Economic Output To Calculate Investment Profits.